Yağmur Metal Electronic Manufacturing Industry. ve Tic. Sti.; SOLDEX brand was established with the aim of producing completely domestic solder alloys and chemicals. Since 2001, SOLDEX continues to serve in the sector by constantly developing its brand products.

In our factory, soft solders in all forms and alloy properties can be produced according to every demand, and these solders are presented to the user with quality analysis control reports.

Our organization, which is aware of its duty to increase the production quality, is ready to contribute to your improvement and research and development projects in your applications with its modern facilities, laboratory analyzes and experienced staff.

Values ​​& Quality Management

As SOLDEX, we design the projects we undertake as globally innovative works. By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, we closely follow the requirements of the age without compromising on quality.

Our company places trust gain above all other gains. In our opinion, the most fundamental element of sustainable success and the most important value of our corporate culture; is the trust of our employees, business partners, customers and society. Likewise, SOLDEX requires its employees at all levels to act in accordance with the ethical rules and the law individually and on behalf of the institution.

As SOLDEX, respect for the environment and society is at the forefront in all the projects we carry out, in all our activities related and independent from it. We observe the effects of all our activities on the environment as much as possible and accept the responsibility to take the necessary measures to minimize the negative effects that may occur.

Mission & Vision

As SOLDEX  we believe that success is directly proportional to the trust our customers have in us. For this reason, we work every day to add long-term value by standing shoulder to shoulder with you as your "preferred solution partner" for the purpose of planning, investment and protection of your investment.

Values we believe in in order to be your preferred solution partner: Responsibility, Diligence, Caring, Trust.

SOLDEX, which has been advancing in line with the goals it has set since the day it was founded;

It will continue to work non-stop to become the leading company that sets the standards in its sector, by constantly improving itself with its vision, adding value to its country, further in every project.