We are honored to present our Soldex Arax Paste Soldering Wire, which provides stronger and faster soldering performance thanks to the newly developed Arax Formula, to the service of our valued customers.

Usage areas
It is used in brazing of metals other than aluminum, in stainless box letters, in Yellow, Copper and Bijouterie sectors. "SOLDEX ARAX FLUX" is recommended for heavy soldering.
It is not used in electronic circuits...!

Product Code Product Name Diameter Packaging
60A135 Sn60 Pb40 Arax Solder wire 1,30 mm 500 gr
60A165 Sn60 Pb40 Arax Solder wire 1,60 mm 500 gr
60A205 Sn60 Pb40 Arax Solder wire 2,00 mm 500 gr
Box Packing Quantity
500 gr  Box Quantity:20 Piece / 10 kg
200 gr  Box Quantity: 40 Piece / 8 kg

Your special orders are taken in the desired diameters in the range of 1.00 mm-6.00 mm.