Lead Free Rod Alloys

SCN 100        =  Special Alloy.


Alloy Type Sn99,3 Cu0,7 Sn97 Cu3 Sn96,5 Ag3 Cu0,5 Sn99 Ag0,3 Cu0,7 Sn97 Ag3
Melting point 227 °C 227-300 °C 217-219 °C 217-228 °C 221-225 °C
Intensity 7,31 g/ml 7,32 g/ml 7,40 g/ml 7,33 g/ml 7,34 g / ml


SOLDEX lead-free crucible solders are produced from metals of the highest possible purity. Thanks to the special additives in it, slag formation is kept to a minimum. Special production can be made in the desired suitable alloys.

Box Packing Quantity

VACUSOL Cubuk Lehim Kutu Adeti: 20 Adet x 1.000 gr
EXTRUSOL Cubuk Lehim Kutu Adeti: 100 Adet x 200 gr
6mm Çubuk Lehim Kutu Adeti: 167 Adet x 90 gr