No Clean Liquid Flux
No-Clean Flux

It is used for fast soldering of classical pedestal and surface mounted components without bridges, fringes. It is not abrasive and is more reliable than RMA fluxes. They have high surface impermeability resistance without the need for cleaning and do not contaminate the control tips of automatic testers.

Features SR-33 SX-33
Renk Colorless Colorless
Fume Alcoholic Alcoholic
Halide ratio 0 % w/w 0 % w/w
Solids ratio 2,5 % w/w 3,8 % w/w
Acid value 18,50 19
Intensity 0,796 0,798
Flash point 12 °C 12 °C
Thinner SRT 33 SXT 33
Application Foam, dip, spray, wave Foam, dip, spray, wave
Product Code Product Name Packaging Number of parcels
SX3305 SX-33 No-Clean Flux 5 Lt 4 Pcs
SX3320 SX-33 No-Clean Flux 20 Lt 1 Pcs
SR3302 SR-33 No-Clean Flux 0,25 Lt 20 Pcs
SR3301 SR-33 No-Clean Flux 1 Lt 12 Pcs
SR3305 SR-33 No-Clean Flux 5 Lt 4 Pcs
SR3320 SR-33 No-Clean Flux 20 Lt 1 Pcs