It is used for fast soldering of conventional footed and surface mounted components without bridle and fringe. It is not abrasive. It leaves very little residue that does not require cleaning. The solids ratio is calculated by evaporating it at a controlled temperature at a given time. The halide ratio is measured as the chloride equivalent of the halide titration result, the acid value determined by titration.

Color Amber
Fume Alcoholic
Content rate 0 % w/w
Solids ratio 3,8 % w/w
Acid value 22,5
Intensity 0,81
Flash point 12 °C
Thinner ASRT-41 Thinner
Application Foam, dip, spray, wave


Product Code Product Name Packaging Number of parcels
SR4102 ASR-41 Foamable Liquid Flux 0,25Lt 20 Pcs
SR4101 ASR-41 Foamable Liquid Flux 1 Lt 12 Pcs
SR4105 ASR-41 Foamable Liquid Flux 5 Lt 4 Pcs
SR4120 ASR-41 Foamable Liquid Flux 20 Lt 1 Pcs